Conception Vessel 12

Conception Vessel 12, also known as the “Central Venter”, can be found halfway between the umbilicus and the sternocostal notch on the midline of the front of the body.

I mentioned in last months blog about Spleen 3, how closely the spleen and the stomach work together to absorb, move and transform food into refined Qi and the leftover material, which is either transported upward by the spleen or downward by the stomach. If there is liver constraint or spleen deficiency combined with excess damp from the types of foods we eat or the stress we carry, the stomach may be hindered in its ability to do its duty.

Normally the rising Qi moves upward, through the spleen, and onto the lungs.  In order for the proper transformation and distribution of the refined essence of our food to happen, the stomach and spleen rely on fire and water to help facilitate this process.  Too much or too little of either can cause a lack of flow to all the other organs that rely on the blood and qi produced from the stomach and spleen.

CV-12 is a converging point where the stomach channel, small intestine and triple heater meet. Because of this, nearly all digestive issues including pain, bloating, reflux, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and jaundice can be dealt with from this central location. It also works for stress related digestive issues such as a nervous stomach,  insomnia, overthinking and anxiety.

From an Eastern perspective, studies have shown CV-12’s capacity to alter our Limbic-Prefrontal Cortex by sedating some parts of the brain responsible for the fight or flight mechanism.

I use CV-12,CV-8 and CV-17 in combination with different oils when I am experiencing digestive issues or feeling a rigidity between thinking and feeling or any psychological symptoms below:

    Lack of emotional flexibility
    Hyper vigilance
    Physical rigidity

See my blog on Palmarosa essential oil  and how I use it on Conception Vessel 12.


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