Conception Vessel 17

The last point in this series on how to work with mental emotional rigidity caused by constrained Qi is Conception Vessel 17. Located midway between the nipples and the 4th intercostal space, this heart opening point is the meeting place of the spleen, kidney, small intestine and triple heater meridians.  It is also called the Sea of Qi. This point can also be sensitive due to its proximity to the heart so it is needled with caution.

Conception Vessel 17 raises, regulates and boosts Qi circulation and can assist in moving spleen energy upwards and rebellious stomach Qi downwards.  It also invigorates the blood and helps smooth out irregular menstrual cycles.  This point is often used for resolving phlegm and clearing the lungs from too much dampness and heat.

See my post on the essential oil Helichrysum to see why using this oil in conjunction with CV 17, helps with  Qi imbalances.


Peter Holmes, Clinical Aromatherapy

Peter Holmes, Aroma Acupoint 1 Workshop, Berkeley CA