Conception Vessel 8

The second point in this 3 part series on how to work with mental emotional rigidity caused by constrained Qi is Conception Vessel 8. Located at your belly button, this point can’t be needled, making it a fun opportunity to see the affects of using certain oils there instead. It is also called Spirit of the Palace.

Conception Vessel 8 warms, restores and stabilizes the Yang.  It also strengthens the ability of the spleen and stomach to transport. Check out my post on Conception Vessel 12 to see why it is so important to keep our middle burner organs in harmony with one another and energy flowing freely.

As Peter Holmes stated in his Aroma Acupoint workshop I participated in, “Constrained Qi causing rigidity, results in a war between thinking and feeling.” Geranium essential oil, an emotionally supportive oil can clear not only damp and constrained Qi but stagnant emotions as well. Placed on CV-8, my experience is a warming and balancing effect on my intestines and my heart. I only apply one drop as the navel is sensitive but the rippling effect is great.


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