Essential Oils

There are a variety of essential oils that I love to use in conjunction with the bodywork I do. Personally I love not not only the smelt sense of wellbeing and expansion that comes from using them, but the psychological and physiological functions as well.  Each therapeutic grade oil available to use on the market today has a tone, a quality and purpose that when combined with different meridian acupuncture points can create subtle and very clear changes in the body, the mind and emotions. Watching and feeling an oil get taken in by a pressure point on the body is amazing to witness.Some oils can help regulate and create movement while others direct stagnant energy up or down.  I am continually amazed at the subtle yet vibrant way we can bring ease and opening to our body via a plants extracted oil. Browse my blog to find out some of the ways that you too, can start to appreciate the quality and energy of this amazing tool we can have on our fingertips!