Geranium Essential Oil

I have mentioned before that certain oils have an affinity with a certain organ and this is one of them. Geranium is a top ten must have oil to keep in the house. because of that. It is pale yellow-green in color, with a bouquet of smell. It is green, sweet, rosy and fruity aroma. Its perfume status is a heart tone with high intensity. Psychologically, it is helpful for:

loss of confidence
low motivation

In TCM, its essential function is to tonify blood and qi and harmonize the shen. There are several points and meridians that it works well with because of its flexibility. For example, it regulates the heart qi and tonifies and transforms damp in the spleen. It is amazing in how it resonates with the liver, in particular. Excellent for a state of rigidity, tunnel vision or a thinking/feeling conflict, geranium can help one move back into a more relaxed and flexible state of mind by nourishing liver blood and moving liver yang ascending and liver qi stagnation.

Whenever I use it, I can feel it actually spread out and soak up extra damp. It dries out at the same time it nourishes. I experience that shift both internally and externally. My body, physiologically and emotionally begins moving towards balance, accompanied by a strength and lightness. It is both uplifting and grounding to me. Check out my Liver 8 post to see why I use this point in conjunction with this sweet heartfelt oil.

Movement: Balancing

Quality: Sweet & Warm