Governing Vessel 20

Governing Vessel 20 or Du Mai 20 is the point on the crown of your head, just where it starts to indent or slope downhill. A direct line with your pointer fingers from the middle of the ears toward the top is another way to locate what is also called a Hundred Convergences. It intersects with several other meridians, including the Governing Vessel, Conception Vessel, Bladder, Gall Bladder, Triple Heater and Liver.

When people are under stress or are anxious, the liver is the organ most immediately influenced. In traditional chinese medicine, the liver is considered the “general.” It likes to accomplish all things quickly and completely, without questions or complications and uses the yin (blood) to perform the yang function of spreading the qi. Thus, anything “unhappy” will frustrate the general and his spreading function, leading to liver qi stagnation. Sadness, pessimism and depression can result as well as congestion in the chest, tightness in the throat, shoulder pain and obstructed bowel movements are among some of the many symptoms of liver constraint. Because of the intersection between the governing vessel and the liver, stagnated Qi or yang Qi failing to rise can be dispersed through GV 20. Also, the meridian itself passes internally through the brain and the heart so it can help with heart palpitations and confusion of the mind.

I work with this point along with Spleen 3 and Liver 8 when I have:

  • Difficulty rising from bed accompanied by a slight depression
  • Stop and go fatigue during the day preceded or followed by dips in confidence.
  • Sudden lack of direction
  • Feeling of weakness
  • Shoulder pain or tightness
  • Withholding below and under ribcage

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Stay tuned for next months blog on Liver 8