Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum essential oil has a soft, sweet,  scent with “hay” and “wood” undertones. overall but broken down it has 3 distinct aromas of citronella, geranium and rose. It is steam distilled with from the fresh or semi dry herb. It is in my top 10 tool kit.

It helps regulate Qi and blood as well as break up blood stagnation. Conception Vessel 17 is an excellent point to use Helichrysum with.  The reason why it is in my top 10 essential kit is due to its ability to regenerate the skin. It heal strains, bruising, muscles aches, sprains, scars, stretch marks and rashes. Also it is known for being a natural sunscreen, so I  apply Helichrysum daily when I know I am going to be exposed to the sun for hours.

Psychologically, when used with CV 17 it can help soften and unwind the pericardium, allowing for more trust and a greater ability to stay centered and in the moment. This in turn can ease worry and and nervous tension.  I love this oil and it is elevated in my mind as a must have.

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