Liver 8

You can find Liver 8 acupressure point at the medial end of the transverse popliteal crease, posterior to the medial epicondyle of the tibia, with the knee flexed. With the knee straight, find where the tibia and the fibula meet and run your finger posterior until you touch the anterior surface of the tendons of the sartorius and gracilis.

Last month I talked about the liver and why it has the nickname of the general. Liver qi stagnation, without an escape hatch will transform itself by either creating heat or ascending qi.  Heat results in a person becoming red in the face, and being ‘hot and bothered’.  Ascending qi will effect a persons shen or their spirit. Stagnation of the yang energy can also attack the kidney qi, causing tinnitus and a frequent need to urinate.  It can also cause bloating, cramping or even burning sensations. Liver qi can also attack the lung qi, creating a blocked or stuffy chest and a difficult time breathing.

All parts of the body have a structure, a physical form, which is considered yin, and a function or activity which is yang. To eliminate the excess yang, one can disperse the yang or nourish the yin. Liver 8 is an excellent point to use to nourish both the yin and yang of the liver and pacify the yang. It is a great point for anger and the fear that underlies it. When you are feeling some or all of symptoms below, try this point.

Inflexible and unable to move around roadblocks
An inability to multitask or having tunnel vision
Stuck or wooden in the body

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Also, stay tuned for next months blog on Spleen 3, the last point in this 3 part series.