Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential oil has a fresh, camphoraceous smell that is both invigorating and warming. It will always remain in my Top Ten Essential Oil Kit.

I mentioned in the previous blog about geranium,  that some oils have affinities with certain organs. Whereas geranium is very supportive for the liver, rosemary resonates and assists the spleen. It is an excellent oil to use when treating weakness of the mind and the limbs, which can stem from a deficiency in the spleen or from clear yang Qi not rising. Check out last months spleen 3 blog to read more about how to understand your relationship with food and how the spleen can get bogged down.  Like geranium, rosemary is helpful for clearing damp, due to its warming and drying affect. The oil can aid in moving stagnant blood and it is very useful for warming the interior and strengthening the mind.

Psychologically, it is helpful for:

low self confidence
low motivation

All oils are drying by nature, but rosemary’s role in transforming damp and cold, internally, is palpable when I apply it. Putting this oil on Spleen 3, a Yuan Source point, unlike other meridian points on the spleen channel, goes directly to the organ itself. Try it out if you get congested from too much dairy or mucus producing foods or are feeling weak in the limbs.

Movement: Raising

Quality: Sweet and Warm

Peter Holmes, Clinical Aromatherapy(Cotati: Tiger Lily Press, 2001), page 122-123