About Daisy

My passion for bodywork, with both people and animals, has spanned over 20 years. My earlier schooling began on the east coast, in Vermont and Virginia, where I took a TTouch class for companion animals with Linda Tellington Jones, several TTouch & Essential oil workshops with Sandy Racowitz, and an Alexander Technique weekend workshop. In the past 10 years my education includes a 300 hour Swedish Massage certification program, an Upledger cranial sacral course as well as an introductory Barbara Brennan class.The last 12 months I have worked on bringing a new skill to my massage practice. I took an Acupressure with Essential Oils workshop with Snow Lotus in conjunction with Tiffany Pollard, a Fundamentals of Acupressure and an Extraordinary Vessels class with the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley CA. I have ended the year by completing an 8 week Tui Na class with the Sebastapol Massage School.

My ability to tune into the muscles and fascia of the body, maintaining awareness of areas that are requiring attention is my greatest strength as a body worker. What I have learned over time, whether working on a dog or person, is that not all torsion patterns in the body need to be worked on directly. Sometimes the unwinding process of a hot spot can happen gradually as other pressure points and areas of discontent are worked with first. Knowing what to give attention to is an intuitive process. One that I value and appreciate.

I combine light fascia work, diaphragm releases, Swedish massage, deep tissue, Tui Na and acupressure in my massage. When requested, I am happy to bring in essential oils.

I look forward to working with you!